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Dental Insurance Healthcare – What Worn Down Teeth Could Mean

Monday, Apr. 8th 2024 9:50 AM

When it comes to dental health, worn teeth can indicate a more significant issue than just a cosmetic concern. They may be a sign of stress and anxiety, which can lead to teeth grinding or clenching. If untreated, such dental problems can result in TMD, occlusal disease, or bruxism.

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD)

TMD: The temporomandibular (tem-puh-roe-man-DIB-u-lur) joint, or TMJ, acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull.

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are disorders of the jaw muscles, temporomandibular joints, and the nerves associated with chronic facial pain. Any problem that prevents the complex muscles, bones, and joints from working together in harmony may result in temporomandibular disorder. Dysfunction can lead to pain and discomfort. Jaw pain, difficulty chewing, and clicking and locking the jaw joint are some symptoms. Common treatments include medications, bite guards, and physical therapy.

Occlusal Disease

Occlusal disease is the destructive process that results from a bite in which the teeth are not correctly aligned. There can be many causes of occlusal disease, but it often can be traced to an unbalanced bite, crooked teeth, or involuntary teeth grinding/clenching. Occlusal disease is a frequently overlooked and “silent” oral disease dismissed by dentists and patients. Early signs of occlusal disease are often classified as natural aging and normal wear and tear.

However, studies have shown that Occlusal disease is the most common undiagnosed oral disease, which can be treated when diagnosed early. Occlusal diseases, like cavities and gum disease, can be treated effectively, less invasively, and less costly when diagnosed early.

Bruxism/Teeth Grinding

Bruxism or teeth grinding is when a person grinds, gnashes, or clenches their teeth excessively, often unconsciously, during the day or night. Bruxism can cause headaches, jaw pain, tooth pain, or dental problems. It can frequently improve on its own in children, while adults may require dental guards to protect their teeth.

If you experience worn and flat teeth, it is essential to seek a dentist’s advice to identify the underlying cause and prevent further damage. Early diagnosis and treatment can help you avoid severe dental problems.

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