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Ill fitting dentures, need dental help


I have top and bottom dentures and it seems they never quite fit right or that they are always hurting me..  I go in to get them fixed and they feel find for a few days and then they start to hurt me after a while.

Should I just get new dentures?  If so could I get dental insurance to help me out with the cost of having new ones made?   Or is it just me would like some advise thanks.

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Need dental help, toothache and no current dental insurance.


I do not have dental insurance right now.  I never really thought to much about getting it since I only get medical though my employer.   I am not low income more like middle class.  So it not like I can not afford dental insurance.

My issue is that I did not get it and now I have a toothache.  I can buy dental insurance but the plans that I seen have waiting periods.  I am not sure but I would think that since I am in pain now that waiting periods would not be a good idea.   What can I do to get started without waiting periods?

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