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New York dental insurance, dental office complaints.


I current have a dental PPO plan that I get though my employer as part of my employee benefits package.   I went to use the plan for the first time.  I was told by the insurance company that I could pick any of their dentist or go to anyone I want to.

So I went to a dentist that was locally near me for the convenience factor.  So far nothing as been a convenience to me.   I was told my preventive dental care would be covered at 80 percent and basic dental care treatment at 80 percent and only major dental services at 50 percent.

Okay fine with that and since I was only get preventive care and one filling done I figured I would only have the 20 percent to pay which was not much.  Wrong!  The dentist charged me the full amount at the time the services are render even though the staffing new I had dental insurance they said it was up to me to collect the money due from the company.

They did not tell me this at all ahead of time so it was very lucky I had $475.00 on me at the time.  I had to file out the claim in which case the dental office would not even help me fill out the form.  I just sent the billing statement I got from the dental office to my insurance company.

I got my money about three week later and I am paying more like 40 percent of the billing since my insurance company informed me that the dentist I went to is not in their network and if I go outside the network my coverages are less then inside the net work.

What is up I feel I am getting beating up on both ends from the dental office sticking me with the whole billing and not helping me with the claim forms at all and the insurance company not letting me know ahead of time that I would cost me more to choose my own dentist. Which by the way you think they would have since I called and asked about dental offices.

Who do I complain to about this?  I feel that I got suck with a much more high cost then I would have agree to normally.  No one was cluing me into the facts and I am out money.

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Do bites correct faster with your wisdom teeth out?


If your orthodontist is advising you to get them pulled asap, maybe it is because they are currently doing damage to your other teeth (making them crooked) or they will do damage to your teeth.

If you are not 100% clear on why your orthodontist is saying to have them pulled. Then asked them. Getting them out may not make anything faster but will prevent problems with your teeth while you are in braces and after they are removed.

Hope this has helped

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Do orange peels or banana peels whiten teeth?


All the researched I have put into this question and questions like this seems to me comes down to this. Although all the home remedies that are listed may help to whiten your teeth only a dentist can get your teeth the whitest.

Here are some suggested home remedy that may help to whiten your teeth.

1)Brushing with Lemon Juice
2)Brushing with Baking Soda
3)Brushing with Hydrogen Peroxide
4)Brushing with Salt
5)Rubbing Strawberries on your teeth then Brushing off.
6) Orange Peels
7) Banana Peels

All though the above may help whiten your teeth they can do damage as well. They contain sugar and acids and are abrasive, all of which can damaged your enamel that helps protects your teeth

I can understand with all that been said that many people can not afford to go to the dentist to whiten their teeth. I would advise if you are going to try any home remedy to understand that you run the risk of doing more damage to your teeth in the along run.

Trying looking into some of the over counter products that are not so costly. Like tooth paste with whiting, mouth wash with whiting, gum with whiting. Maybe even just speak to your dentist and get advise on what he/she may advise for you. A good dentist will advise you on what you can use to help whiten your teeth. They may still tell you only they can do it the best (which would be true) but they still will tell you other ways if asked.

I hope this has helped you

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How much are tooth extractions


I always recommend you to speak to the dentist that is doing the work and ask him/her any questions you may have before and after. Not only does that help you in understanding what is expected from you but helps the dentist in treating you. They normally will give you some type of care instructions that they feel is right for you

I hope this has help you.

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