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 Dental Insurance Healthcare – Delta Dental Insurance for an Individual 

Thursday, Mar. 28th 2024 1:45 PM

Question: I am 19 and looking for dental insurance. And my mom says that I should buy a Delta Dental plan since most dentists take Delta Dental. I found several Delta Dental plans online, but must determine the difference.

Answer: Depending on your state, we offer their PPOs and Indemnity dental plans. A PPO plan has a list of providers (dentists accepting that plan); however, you can still choose to go to a dentist who is not the plan’s provider. An Indemnity dental insurance option has no providers list. You go to whatever dentist you want to. Also, note that different maximum limitations range from 1000 – 2000, depending on what you may wish. There are other differences in coverages. Call our member services line at 310-534-3444. We are more than happy to go over the plans with you.

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