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Complaints About A Dentist – Dental Insurance Health Care

Thursday, Oct. 6th 2022 6:47 AM

Question: I have a dental HMO insurance plan were I have to choose a dentist in the plans network of providers. I live in an area where I had about a dozen dentist to choose from so I picked the dentist that was closest to me. The issue I have is that the dental office was not a clean as I would like. Also the staffing was rude to me and I had to wait over 45 minutes after my appointed time. I did not mind the dentist he did good work. It is kind of hard to mess up on a cleaning since that is all I needed. I am upset that even though my plan let me change my dental office I was out another month before the change would go though. I wanted them to credit me the month since I am not able to use the plan but they would not. I think they should since it is the plans fault for having bad dental offices on their list. Mad about waiting and would like to complain about this dental office so that other people do not have to pick them. Do I tell the insurance company about my troubles?

Reply: It is not unheard of that dental appointments run late. A suggest to help avoid that in the future is to call about an hour before your dental appoint to confirm if they are running on time. I not sure what the real issue is. Is it with the dental office or the insurance company? You stated you did not like the staffing of the dental office and the place was not as clean as you would have wanted it to be. Yet the dentist was nice enough and did a good job. Therefore you had some work done at the time of the visit. However due to the issues you had it sounded like to me that you had the insurance company change your provider.

Typically a change would go though like that the following month. Unless there is a dental issue that needed to be address ASAP it really should not be an issue due to you already having your preventive care done. How are you out any benefits? I really do not see the issue with the insurance company. As far as the dental office I guess you can complain to the dentist about the staffing and how the place was not clean but since you change to different provider I do not see the point of complaining. I say chalk it up to a bad that and hope the new provider is a better fit for you

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