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Dental Health Care, Acid reflux disease and dental care

Sunday, Apr. 24th 2011 10:54 AM

Dental Health Care, Acid reflux disease and dental care. It is always important to have good dental care and to see a dentist regularly. If you are one of the 3% (depending on what study you read) of the US population that suffers from Acid reflux disease, dental care and seeing a dentist becomes a larger issue and one that should be address.

People that have acid reflux disease may need to see the dentist more then just twice a year. Prolong or chronic acid reflux can start to cause major teeth damage. Day after day of exposure to stomach acids will begin to dissolve away the tooth enamel which is the protective coating of your teeth. Thus leaving your teeth noticeably weaken and more open for tooth decay. Causing you to have larger dental issues as well as health care issues.

A dentist would be able to help you prevent teeth damage due to acid reflux but only if you see a dentist regularly. By having a good dental insurance plan, it will help you control the cost of your dental care needs .

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