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Dental Health care, BPA derivatives in dental sealants is it save for kids


I have a four year old with week tooth enamel and my dentist said to help avoid getting cavities I should have him get dental sealants.  He had already had two cavities and had to have the filled.

I sounds like a good idea and I told him I would think it over and get back with him.  One of my work friends said that I should not get dental sealants because they are not really all that good because of BPA derivatives may cause problems latter on.

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Dental health care for kids, thinking about getting dental sealants


My four year old has week teeth or bad tooth enamel.  He has already gotten two cavites in his baby teeth.  I had the filled for him.  However I was thinking about getthing dental sealants put on his teeth to help control him from getting more cavities.

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