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Wednesday, Nov. 2nd 2022 6:42 AM

Question: I been searching on line for a dental insurance plans and I notice that many websites seem to have many of the same dental insurance plans yet they do not all have the same price. How can I make sure I am receiving the best dental insurance quote. I do not want to pay more then I have too.

Reply: It is understandable that you would not want to have to pay more for the same dental insurance plan. However, even though many dental insurance plans may seem the same it is more likely they are not if price is not the same. Insurance rates are filed with the department of insurance therefore the monthly or annual cost of the plan dose not change due to whom may be selling it.

Assuming it is in fact the “same plan” What there may be is a different in fees, if the selling agent is adding any fees on their ends. So look for fees costs. That said really review each plan carefully. As an example, Just because you seen a Delta dental plan being offer on one website, it dose not mean it is the same Delta dental plan you seen on a prior site. As Delta dental had many different plan options and not everyone site is selling the same plan option that Delta dental may have offer.

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