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Dental Insurance for Root Canal Therapy

Sunday, Dec. 31st 2017 10:04 AM

Question: My dentist told that I need to have a root canal done on one of my top back molars.  However, since there a slight crack down the tooth he said I need to see a Endodontist to have it done.

My current dental insurance plan which is an HMO does not cover for me to see a specialist of any type.  My dentist told me that it could run around  $800–$1000 to have the root canal treatment done by an Endodontist give or take depending on whom I go to. Where can I go to help me with this additional dental cost I was not ready for?

Reply: You may want to review our dental discount plan options. A discount plan is effective the next business day with no waiting periods. As long as the plan in question has an Endodontist dentist in their plan net work of providers, you can go right to the Endodontist and get at least 20% off their normal charges.

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