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Friday, Jul. 16th 2010 8:36 AM

My girlfriend has not seen a dentist in over two years.  She does not have dental insurance and be a full time student does not give her much extra money.   However last week one of  her tooth were hurting her so I help pay for her to see a dentist to find out why.

She was told she will need a root canal and a crown.  After reviewing the cost even for a cheap metal crown since the tooth is in the back it will cost a total of $1394.00.  Well needless to say she does not have the kind of money.  I can not help her with that much although I work full time and go to school part  time.

Is there any dental insurance she could get that does not have waiting periods?  One that can save her at least half of the cost she being quoted now for?  I would be willing to buy it for her if it is not to costly at least short term so she can get her tooth fixed.

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