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Dental Health care, Missing tooth clause need help

Saturday, Jul. 3rd 2010 9:29 AM

Hello all,  I need your help.  I am a Army Vet and although I get some dental insurance coverages though the Vet Affairs dental reimbursement program.  I am having a hard time getting any help for my missing tooth and the dental implant I need.

The costs for the dental implant exceeds their fee schedule so I am not going to get anything reimbursed to me.  I have been fighting this for over a year and know I am going no where with it.

I tried looking for dental insurance that I could get on my own but they have a missing tooth clause that I fall under so I can not be covered for my implant though another dental insurance company.

What do I have to do go to Mexico to get my dental needs at a reasonable cost to me?   If you have any good advise or suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks

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