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Dental Health Care, Full mouth implants needed.

Thursday, Jul. 1st 2010 10:12 AM

Any one know of about how much it would cost to get a full mouth worth of dental implants?  My husband had dentures top and bottom right now but seems to always have problems with them.  He would like to get full implants.

However, we do not have insurance that would cover him getting implants.  Is there anything I could get that will help us with the cost of implants?  If so about how much?  I am thinking we may not be able to afford him getting implants even though I would like him to have them if we could.

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Dental Health Care, Full mouth implants needed.

  1. Greg Hills Says:

    Well as you probable all ready know dentist charges very depending on each dentist. But a good range for dental implants would be around $900 – $1200 a tooth.

    And that is only to have the implants. Hopefully he will not need any bone grafts. Also keep in mind he may not be able to get implants only a dentist could advise this to you.

    You may wish to have him talk to a cosmetic dentist for a free consult. That would be a great way to get an idea of cost.

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  2. Caroline Jackey Says:

    I do not know of any dental insurance that would cover for implants since many dental insurance plans have what called a missing tooth clause.

    So even if you do find an dental insurance plan that offer coverages on dental implants. You would want to still call and confirm that since your husband has missing teeth, that he would be covered under the plan to get the implants done

    However there is still hope with a dental discount plan. With a dental discount plan you would be able to get at least 15 -20 percent off the cost of implants as long as there is a dentist in their network that does that type of dental services.

    Even at 15 -20 percent saving you are talking about saving hundreds to thousands of dollars off the cost of your implants. Take into account that most discount plans are going to cost you about $10 – $15 a month you can see how they are well worth getting.

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  3. T Hilbert Says:

    Seems to me that your husband should just find a dentist that knows how to adjust his dentures correctly so that they fit right.

    Even with a discount plan in mind your are still talking thousands of dollars for full mouth implants. If you take in the fact that you are talking about 28 teeth so using the low scale cost of $900 per tooth. that is still 28 x 900 = 25200.00 now 20% off of 25200.00 would be 5040.00 saving which is Great. However you still have to come up with $20000.00.

    I only point this out because you stated cost is a concern. Now good fitting denture look great and should not cause him problems. I suggest going to a another dentist and finding out what can be done about the fit of his current dentures.

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